Gorilla Box Outdoor Projector Enclosures

Guerrilla Box QuickGuide

The Guerrilla Box is an mobile environmental projector enclosure that is designed to protect your projector from weather and thieves/vandals in outdoor/indoor environments. Featuring tough aluminum construction and easy projector access with remote environmental monitoring and built in media player that allows for remote playlist management and alignment camera access via Guerrilla website.


  • Protect projectors in outdoor applications – for environments 0° to +100° F
  • Sealed, weatherproof steel construction
  • Vandal / theft resistant
  • Hinged door / access panels for projector access
  • Dual pane window: 99.7% optically clear glass
  • Integrated heating
  • Actively air conditioning 10,000 BTU
  • Built in feedback camera
  • Casters and leveling feet
  • Remote monitoring and control


Enclosure Dims: 67”L x 35.16”T x 31”W

Average Crate Dims without projector(enclosure only): 80″L x 35″W x 42″H @ 365 lbs.

Power Cable: Use washdown Turn-Lock connector, Grounded Three-Slot Socket, NEMA L6-20R for the enclosure’s outside hookup. Use 10 AWG cable with a run no longer than 200’.


Equipment Current                Power
Total Max 15.76A 3277W
Idle average 1.69A 407W
Running average          11.10A 2665W

Projection Info

Nominal settings: 1920×1200, 16:10, Landscape

With an additional mount the projector can be set up on its side for portrait position.

Lens: Choose appropriate lens for the application. Find throw distance and canvas size to determine lens size. Image Width (W), Throw Distance (D), D/W = Lens ratio E.g 30D/20D=1.5

Spec Sheet

Click HERE for Spec Sheet

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