AvStack Projector Stackers


AvStack Projector Stacker

  • Ultra-sturdy frame
  • Hand adjustments for projector alignment
  • Units can be double-stacked on projector lifts
  • Stacker / projector can be inverted
  • Stacker / projector can be shipped as one unit, saving space
  • Dual-convergence requires lens shift ability - projectors can be stacked horizontally with horizontal lens shift


  • Tilt and pitch adjustments - one rear, two front
  • Separate controls for each projector in the stack
  • Specify projector make and model

Additional Photos

avstack-03 avstack-02 avstack-01


This product is an excellent choice for:

  • Live Event Production Applications
  • Edge Blending Applications
  • Installation within our Projector Enclosures for Easy Alignment