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We partnered with @CocaCola to create the world’s first 3D robotic billboard in Times Square. Designed for a new dimension.
Custom Ball Sculpture

Video of our capabilities

Outdoor Kiosk at Nebraska Crossing

Outdoor air conditioned enclosures in news stands in Times Square

Outdoor Flat Screen Enclosure at ESPN Wide World of Sports

Weather proof environmental flat screen enclosure in Spokane

Under water projector enclosure at Disney World of Color

Kiosk for bicycle sharing in Denver

DDI will Design your concept.

DDI will Engineer your concept.

DDI will Manufacture your concept.

Welcome to Display Devices - Digital Signage - Projector Lifts - Kiosks - Outdoor TV enclosures

Since 1989, Display Devices has designed, engineered and manufactured commercial A/V equipment and display products for business and entertainment under one roof. From initial concept renderings to detailed engineering drawings, bending metal to machining parts, writing software to designing and building electronic boards, developing custom heating and cooling solutions to installing and servicing in the field, Display Devices has been a one stop shop for turnkey display solutions. Being able to control the process from start to finish allows us to create an end product that fits the job, and usually not one found off the shelf. The quality of our product speaks for itself as many of our first projects from over 20 years ago are still in operation today. A consultative approach, custom development process, and uncompromising support of our product is why our customers keep coming back. Over the years we have worked with Coca Cola, Hitachi, NEC, Panasonic, Kiosk, Cemusa, Cirque du Soleil, Six Flags, Universal and Disney. A Colorado company from the start, some of our local customers include DIA, RTD, City of Denver, City of Ft Collins, CU, Broncos, Lockheed Martin and Invesco.

Digital Signage - Projector Lifts - Kiosks - Outdoor TV enclosures