PT-Pedevator2 Motorized Tripod


PT-Pedevator2 Motorized Tripod

  • Full pan/tilt system compatibility
  • Can be linked with at least 99 total pan/tilt devices on one RS-232 chain
  • Silent gear drive
  • Will handle pan/tilt head, prompter and camera/lens combinations weighing up to 100 lbs.
  • Detachable steel base legs with 4" diameter locking casters
  • Completely self-contained, no additional interface modules needed
  • All necessary connectors for power and control are included


  • RS-485 control protocol
  • Presets: 32
  • Power: 24 VDC (not included)
  • Dimension: 24"W x 24"D x 33"H
  • Extension: 20"
  • Weight: 80 lbs.
  • 1 year warranty

Additional Photos

vx-pedevator-01 prd_PT-250-on-Ped2

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Spec Sheet


This product is an excellent choice for controlling our pan/tilt heads in:

  • City council broadcasts
  • Worship facilities
  • Distance learning settings
  • Broadcast applications
  • Outdoor sports applications
  • Traffic monitoring